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Stay young, stay healthy

телефон: 353 277 47808

Stay Young, stay healthy.

Diet, Health and Aging.

Health is a multi dimensional choice and important for the realization of your full potential and slow down of theaging process. A good diet will help to keep healthy. All it takes is a little work in the ‘here and now’ to keep you in a good shape for later. Optimal health can be achieved by optimizing nutrition.
Capsules filled with milled seaweed to optimise the diet.
Relying solely on land-based food sources often lead to deficiencies in micronutrients and trace elements. Our bodies can not produce any minerals/trace elements and is dependent on food (external source) for it. According to the 1992 Earth Summit, the USA has the worst soil in the world - 85% depleted. The decline in the minerals content of many plants is the result of Environmental changes that have lead to a increase in depletion of minerals and other organic compounds from our food with a steady deterioration in soil, air, and water quality. Our Modern civilization is starving for essential nutrients/minerals which are increasingly lacking in our food chain. The phrase "over-fed but under-nourished"? Even though caloric intake is abundant, many bodies lack proper nourishment. Minerals are required for all metabolic processes, most enzymatic functions depend on minute amounts of bioavailable trace minerals. The proper composition of the body fluids, formation of your blood & bones, and for healthy nerve function. This means the potency of our food supply is not able to sustain optimum health. In addition to Pollution, stress, fatigue, cooking and bad eating habits all affect the body,” and this to can lead to vitamin and mineral depletion. As many people and cultures have realized over the centuries, vegetable products from the sea can help you to live both better and longer. Info

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